Antique Black 3/4 yard Texture Bundle Hand Dyed Wool from The Merry Hooker
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Antique Black 3/4 yard Texture Bundle



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This is a perfect collection of textures if you're looking for an old, vintage-looking dark background! There is a nice mix of texture, mottling and deep old-looking color........don't miss this one.
Antique Black is a dark green-black dyed over a lovely mix of three compatible textures; each piece is a fat quarter yard for a total of 3/4 of a yard.

This wool is offered in 3/4 yard bundles consisting of three fat quarter yard pieces.

Before dyeing, the quarter yard wool pieces measured 18” long by approximately 30" wide.

If you order multiple bundles, we will endeavor to send you larger pieces if available. However, if your project requires larger pieces than noted above, please contact our custom orders desk and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

These measurements are taken before the wool is dyed. The dye process generally shrinks the wool about 10%. You will need to figure amounts accordingly when placing your order. Because dye lots & fabric availability may vary, please purchase adequate amounts to complete your project...we can't guarantee that reorders of a particular color will be an exact match in either color or fabric.

So sorry, but we are not able to split the wool bundles into separate pieces. However, you are more than welcome to contact our custom orders desk to request this color dyed over a particular fabric....minimum quantities do apply.

In The Merry Hooker Woolens dye studio, we honor the slow and labor-intensive process necessary to obtain richly dyed woolens with good colorfastness, colors that permeate into the core of the fabrics and a soft hand that make them a pleasure to work with. We don’t rush the wool and we don’t subscribe to the "hurry up" method of dyeing.
Our wool is soaked in a bath of water and a wetting agent for at least 24 hours to make certain that the fibers are completely saturated. To ensure colorfastness, each dye bath is brought to the proper temperature and simmered with the appropriate mordant for at least one hour. After dyeing, we add our lanolin-based fine wool soak to the dye bath and allow it to cool completely, usually overnight. Once it’s completely cooled the wool is removed from the dye bath then dried and fulled in the dryer.
Our hand dyed woolens come to you ready to use in your chosen craft with no additional processing necessary.

Our wool kits* for our appliqué designs are created especially for each design and are carefully prepared with ample wool to complete your project. The wools in the kit will generally not be the same wools used to stitch the original and are intended to give a look similar to, but not the same as, the original. Keep in mind that the photograph accompanying the pattern is meant as a guide only; your piece will be uniquely your own.

* Please note: Unless noted otherwise in the product description, our kits do not include threads, non-wool fabrics called for in the design, buttons, or other non-wool items.