Poppy Pods Mill Dyed Wool for Appliqué & Rug Hooking
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If more than a half yard quantity is purchased, we will attempt to send it as continuous yardage.

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Fun and lively...

Poppy Pods wool has a bold plaid of tangerine, fuchsia and heather gray. Perfect for primitive flowers.

This yarn dyed, off-the-bolt fabric is 100% wool and an excellent quality fabric. It's wonderfully suited for appliqué, rug hooking, clothing embellishment and sewing outer wear.

Our mill dyed woolens are sold in fat half-yard increments:
One fat ½ yard is 36" long by approximately 30” wide
If you purchase more than ½ yard, then, when possible, your piece will be sent as a full width of continuous yardage*:
1 yard is 36" long by approximately 60” wide

*Occasionally, when there is low stock for a particular fabric, continuous yardage may not be available. Please let us know if your project requires continuous yardage.

We are often asked how best to wash our woolens for rug hooking, wool appliqué and other fiber arts...
Given the care we all take in cleaning our fine wool garments, especially our hand knit sweaters, it’s surprisingly easy to prepare the wool we use in our art & craft. Since we are not trying to clean the wool, but rather to full it, we have found the washing machine and dryer to be the best tools.
Our suggestions:
  • Wash like colors together and don’t mix wool in with your regular laundry...You really don’t want wool fuzz on your clothing.
  • Use a high quality wool wash (we use either liquid Woolite or Eucalan).
  • Wash your wool using a short, regular cycle with a warm wash/cool rinse.
  • As soon as the wash is complete, put the wool in your dryer with one or two old, big towels and dry on regular heat. Remove immediately from the dryer so the wool does not form too many wrinkles.
  • If you plan to use the wool for quilting or appliqué, you may wish to wash it on a longer cycle to allow for more agitation. The wool, most likely, won’t felt, but it will full and become denser the more you agitate it.
  • Never use products with bleach when preparing your wools.
  • Clean out the drum of your washer each time you wash a load of wool. A wet cloth does the job quite well.
  • Absolutely, positively clean the lint trap of your dryer after every load of wool is dried. Lint build-up in the dryer can be a fire hazard.
Disclaimer: These tips are given in good faith and with no guarantee of results. Please test your method on samples.

Our wool kits* for our appliqué designs are created especially for each design and are carefully prepared with ample wool to complete your project. The wools in the kit will generally not be the same wools used to stitch the original and are intended to give a look similar to, but not the same as, the original. Keep in mind that the photograph accompanying the pattern is meant as a guide only; your piece will be uniquely your own.

* Please note: Unless noted otherwise in the product description, our kits do not include threads, non-wool fabrics called for in the design, buttons, or other non-wool items.